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Star Trek The Exhibition: Explore the history of the future

No other science fiction brand has become so interwoven with popular culture. For 50 years Star Trek has entertained us with compelling stories, colorful characters and powerful allegories.

Experience Star Trek as never before

Designed by the stage designer Andrew Edwards, The Exhibition will be an experience for fans and families to visit, as it takes audiences on a journey through Star Trek's 50-year history with original props, costumes, scripts and photographs that have never previously been seen in Europe, all comes from Martin Netter´s private collection, as well as the opportunity to step aboard a spectacular recreation of the iconic bridge from The Original Series.

The ultimate Experience

The Exhibition is the ultimate experience for fans and first-timers. It is like having your own personal “holodeck” to place you inside the excitement, drama and imagination of Star Trek. Come aboard the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, sit in the Captain’s chair, see the actual props and costumes used in the TV series’ and films, and enjoy one-of-a-kind displays, interactive kiosks, rare photo opportunities and unique adventures.  Excite your kids. Inspire your spouse. Reconnect with your own spirit of adventure. Boldly go.

The largest collection of authentic artifacts

Star Trek™: The Exhibition Shows a part of the largest collection of authentic Star Trek artifacts and information from the private Collection from Martin Netter. A truly impressive array of exhibits featuring sets, costumes, priceless museum pieces and props from all five Star Trek television series and 11 Star Trek feature films. Together these components offer Star Trek fans and novices alike an opportunity to experience first-hand the imagination, artistry, technology and meticulous craftsmanship that have made Star Trek the most enduring science-fiction franchise in history.

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