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Uruk Hai Banner Lord of the Rings Flag

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material: polyester
size: ca. 90 x 230 cm

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as seen in the movie

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

officially licensed product

limited edition

Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Flag finished cut out Size: 90 x 230 cm The Uruk-hai are a mixture of Bilwissmenschen and Orcs. They are also called the "Great Orcs" because they are bigger than orcs and humans. In addition, they have much more power and are more brutal than orcs and at least as scary and ruthless. In the Third Age, Uruk-hai were used by Sauron in Mordor and in places like Cirith Ungol. The sorcerer Saruman crossed orcs with Bilwis people, making them even more resilient - unlike regular orcs, sunlight did not bother Uruk-hai. So Saruman created a huge army of Uruk-hai to use against the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Et al they were used against Helms Klamm, where they were subject. They originally came from the northern Uruks until Saruman the White crossed them with black people from the west. They speak the black language but can also speak like normal people.

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