Elves Banner Lord of the Rings Flag

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material: polyester
size: ca. 45 x 270 cm

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as seen in the movie

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

with a reinforced edge and 3 eyelets

officially licensed product

limited edition

Lord of the Rings Elven Lance pennant II Size: 45 x 270 cm with 3 eyelets and double stitching The Elves, also called the Firstborn, were created by Ilúvatar and are the oldest thinking breed on Arda. They came into the world before men and have the privilege of immortality but are bound to the circles of the world. They are destined to live in Aman, the Immortal Lands, and many left Middle-earth to sail there. In addition, elves do not succumb to disease and their souls wander into Mando's halls as they die, waiting for the end of time and the coming of Ilúvatar to get a new body.

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