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First Contact Uniform cuffs - Red Gaberdine Deluxe Star Trek

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manufacturer: Filmwelt Berlin
series: various
Color: red
material: Cotton
Size No
size: ca 55 x 365 mm

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Departmental colors for the First Contact and DS9 uniforms.

Deluxe version suitable for our Gaberdine Replica uniforms.

The material and color were made exactly according to the originals from the Filmwelt Collection. And also 100% agrees with the sub-shirts.

The band is enough for all sizes from S - XXXXL and must be sewn on.

100% Screen Accurate with the black gabardine fabric backing - just like Paramount used so you can change the uniforms if you have another one

original replica the best you can get after the original one

1 pair for both sleeves for gaberdine jackets and overalls.

created by our uniform group of the Filmwelt Center (Association) exclusive and only our members reserved no public sale.

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