Sindicate Lager exclusive Star Trek Beer Gift Set with Exclusive Glass

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series: various
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size: 0,5 Liter per Flasche
year of release: 2017

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For the first time in Germany the exclusive


- limited special edition

- A special bottling for the Filmwelt Center

Only available at the Filmwelt - all Star Tek beers are otherwise only available in the US and Canada, but we have once received a small limited edition for the German market approved by CBS.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and the 40th anniversary of the Filmwelt as well as the 30th anniversary of The Next Generation.

This set contains:

- 2 bottles of 0.5 liter Syndicate Lager beer

- 3 coasters; Star Trek Beers Limited Edition for the Star Trek Shop at Destination Star Trek London 2014 when we first launched the beer, unfortunately only for London. At the time it was not released for Germany yet. Now after years, we finally managed to bring the beer to Germany.

- 1 limited Edition "Federation of Beer" glass, exclusively produced for this beer

Alcohol content 4.8%

Ingredients water, barley malt, hops, yeast

Brewed according to the Czech tradition, the stock is of a slightly malty taste, a very drinkable German-style beer. The best Star Trek beer brewed so far.

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