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Phoenix starship model with english magazine #64 Eaglemoss Star Trek

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manufacturer: -
size: ca. 14 x 7 x 2 cm
scale: 1:143
material: diecast with plastic parts
series: movies
attention Collectors model. Not designed and intended for play by children under 14 years of age.

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The Star Trek Phoenix was an Earth spaceship used in the 21st century and joins the Star Trek Official Starships Collection in this excellent die-cast model.

The Pheonix starship has been scaled down and hand-painted with an extraordinary attention to detail as seen in Star Trek: First Contact. The ship was launched on April 5, 2063; it holds a special place in Federation history as the first warp-capable ship to be built by mankind. It was designed and constructed in the middle of the 21st century by a team of scientists and engineers led by Dr Zefram Cochrane and Lily Sloane.

This model comes with a stand and is a highlight for every fan due to its size and detailed crafting.

The model comes with stand in a nice display carton and English original magazine, magazines can have wrinkles due to its original packaging.

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