Family Car Decals Star Trek The Next Generation Characters

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manufacturer: Think Geek
series: Next Generation
year of release: 2013
attention 'Not suitable for children under three years.'

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Includes 33 decals total:

Tall characters (4 3/4" tall): Jean-Luc Picard, William Riker, Data, Geordi La Forge, Tasha Yar, Worf, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Reginald Barclay, Guinan, Miles O'Brien, Alyssa Ogawa, Borg (male), Borg (female), Q, Lursa & B'Etor (one sticker), Sela, Gul Madred, Gowron

Short characters (3 3/4" tall): Young Jean-Luc Picard, Young William Riker, Young Data, Young Geordi La Forge, Young Tasha Yar, Alexander Rozhenko, Wesley Crusher, Borg (male), Borg (female)

Other: Livingston (1" tall), Spot (1 1/2"), Borg Queen Head (3 1/4") + Borg Queen Body (3 1/2"), ST:TNG logo

Sticks to any clean, flat surface (best on windows!)

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