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Family Car Decals Star Trek Characters

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manufacturer: Think Geek
series: The Original Series
year of release: 2013
attention 'Not suitable for children under three years.'

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Includes 32 decals total, 23 distinct motives from ST:TOS:

Tall characters (4 3/4" tall): Capt. Kirk, Spock, Nurse Chapel, Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, Yeoman Rand, Romulan (female), Andorian, Gorn, Isis, Klingon (male), Orion (female)

Short characters (3 3/4" tall): Capt. Kirk x 2, Spock x 2, Nurse Chapel x 2, Uhura, Chekov

Other: M-113 Creature (5 3/4" tall) , Mugato (4 1/2"), Tribbles (1") x 6, Star Trek logo

Sticks to any clean, flat surface (best on windows!)

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No ratings available

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