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The Filmwelt Museum is the Archive of the world's largest collection of original Star Trek artifacts consisting of thousands of costumes and uniforms, requisites and even complete filmsets.


Production and Scripts


We have a huge collection of original scripts - from the first drafts to final revisions, all originals used by the staff during the production - including photographs, notes and additional information that often never made it onto the screen.
 As Star Trek was a show set far in the future, all the costumes, props and aliens needed to be specially designed to give them their distinctive and futuristic look.


Our Archive offers an unprecedented view at their exceptional creation through drawings and original costume patterns. You can even take a look at the furniture that was used in the wardrobe and make-up department.
 Tens of thousands of never seen before pictures from behind the scenes are still waiting to be explored. We even have some items in our collection that were used on set for the production of the shows - like clapper boards and even cameras. 






Probably some of the most iconic pieces of television history were invented for Star Trek. Communicators, phasers and tricorder - features even non-Star Trek fans can relate to. We have hundreds of original pieces in our collection, everything from small handsized props up to fullsize photon torpedos.

Welcome to our Archive that shows a lot of one-of-a-kind items you will recognize immediately. 


It is always fascinating to examine these pieces - to get an idea how and why they were made and why they look so great and convincing on screen.

Besides all the great properties that everyone knows and loves, we also have the largest available inventory of the so called set dressing objects. This includes e.g. carpets, dishes, glasses, paintings and also famous elaborate pieces of artwork like the iconic LCARS-displays and much more.






The most recognizable pieces in Star Trek history are the iconic Starfleet uniforms.
Our collection includes costumes from every era and every style. We present the earlier Starfleet uniforms, worn in the 22nd century up to uniforms designed for the future in the 29th century.

We are very lucky to own many so called 'hero pieces', e.g. several uniforms worn by Captain Kirk himself. Furthermore we also have the costumes used by the other main crewmember best-known from all shows and seasons.




Some of our costumes date back to the mid 1960s and were made for the first Star Trek Pilot titled "The Cage".

Certainly we also have the popular costumes made for all the different alien races like the Borg, Ferengi, Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and many more.






When PARAMOUNT started to sell of their Star Trek archive in 2006 through the famous Christie's "40 years of Star Trek"-auction, we were not only interested in the props and costumes - we were looking for the really big pieces too. Back then we acquired our first major set piece  - a complete Enterprise shuttle. 




Later, through a direct sale at PARAMOUNT, we got almost every other set that was still in storage. Incredible pieces like complete starship bridges, both Starfleet and alien ships, consoles, corridors and othe complete sets. Most of the filmset pieces are still in their original crate and not yet on display. The space needed to put them up would be enormous.




We also have a very selected fine collection of special effect models that were used in the time before they were computerized. These are remaining pieces of an art form that will be forgotten soon, but we will try everything to preserve and keep them for the next generation.



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