Founding of the Filmwelt Center Association on April 16, 2017

The founding members decided to start a nonprofit association. Its main mission is to establish a public gathering place for all friends of FILMWELT. The necessary funding for the development will be raised by requesting donations and membership fees in order to cover the own basic part of the costs. Government funding has already promised.

Since we are a nonregistered association, we decided to begin with offering a membership as a sponsoring member to make our members exempt from possible liabilities.


Spaces will be created on an area of 1200 square meters. Film sets that can be walked on, a museum, archives and function rooms will be realized for lectures, exhibitions and also for private events in such a unique and special scenery.

For this reason, the surface area will be reconstructed according to the requirements of local authorities. The construction permit has already been issued. Of course, our spaces will offer a barrier-free access, restrooms also for people with disabilities and enough parking, so everybody can use and enjoy our gathering place.  


Why sponsoring and donations? 


Every donation and sponsoring membership will help to maintain this unique and world largest privately owned Filmwelt collection of original, mainly Star Trek artifacts and film requisites for the public. 

Fans worldwide should be able to access exhibitions. Parts of the Filmwelt Collection will be available as a loan, currently during the exhibitions Star Trek the Exhibition Tour in England (Blackpool), in Germany (Friedrichshafen) and during the Starfleet Academy Experience Tour in Canada and in the USA. 


The Filmwelt Center in Bakede, Germany, is home of Martin Netter and his Filmwelt Collection. He is responsible and in charge of the storage, maintenance, archives and preparation for internet- and book-projects. He is also Ambassador and curator of the worldwide exhibitions of his collection. So the vision of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek stays alive. 

Every contribution helps Martin Netter to protect his precious collection for the fandom, for the next generation. 

It is his mission in life to preserve the future of Star Trek's past. 

Members & sponsors

There are no obligations for sponsoring members, except the minimum contribution that is also voluntary as well as personal details.

Sponsoring member

Minimum contribution: 50,- €

validity: 1 year

benefits: members will enjoy a guaranteed attendance to all events of the Filmwelt Center Association

obligations: none

apply for membership (click here)

VIP-sponsoring member

Minimum contribution: 500,- €

validity: a lifetime membership

benefits: members will enjoy a free of charge guaranteed attendance to all events of the Filmwelt Center Association (with VIP-status)

obligations: none

apply for membership (click here)


Every donation will help us to successfully preserve our precious collection for the next generation.


Donation receipts upon request. Please feel free to contact us directly.


There are many more ways to help and support us. Personal involvement, financial and material donations are highly appreciated. We thank you in advance.  


Fan Meetings

We are trying to make everything possible for regular meetings of the fandom in the Filmwelt Center.

All members will enjoy a free of charge attendance.

Admission fee for non-members is a minimum contribution of 20,- €

We ask for your assistance in carrying out these events, please contact us for details.

We are looking for volunteers helping us to organize our meetings.

Do you have a good idea or a special wish? Activities could be e.g. discussion meetings, lectures, special guests, BBQ evenings or just getting together in a way you like.

Additional costs could arise for additional items on the agenda like special photo shootings or guided tours.


Guided tours

Duration: about 1 hour


members 20,- €

non-members 100,- €

VIP - exclusive guided tours

Duration: about 2 hours


members 50,- €

non-members 200,- €


Reservations: Please reserve the tickets you need well in advance. The guided tours are offered in German and English.  





1. Chairman:

Martin Netter


Telefon: 05042/7202



Maximilian Netter


Telefon: 05042/7202




Telefon: 05042/7202


Postal address:

Filmwelt Center Verein

Südstr. 2

31848 Bad Münder


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