Martin Netter proudly presents: The world's largest Science Fiction- and Star Trek-collection in the FILMWELT Center in Bakede Germany

The biggest Star Trek treasure chest exists in Germany: 40 years ago Martin Netter started to collect items well-known in the world of movies, over 150.000 pieces by now. Most of them are precious Star Trek originals that must be protected and preserved for the fandom.


40 years ago, Martin Netter started to build up this collection to be preserved and protected for the fandom and future generations.

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Martin Netter was collector and merchandiser of the first hour, therefore today his collection is the world's largest ever. 


pieces in the collection like costumes and uniforms, phasers and tricorder, complete original film sets, masks, the computer terminals of Starship Enterprise, spaceship models, film set photographs and original scripts, from the first drafts to the final revision, and many more.

The new Sci-Fi Event Universe – a center for all friends of Filmwelt!

FINALLY: Having received official approval means that the foundation of our Sci-Fi Event Universe has been laid. After many years of planning, the dream of a Science Fiction center for all Star Trek- and Sci-Fi-Fans is about to become reality.

Our Sci-Fi Event Universe will include many unique components:

·         a museum displaying original requisites, costumes and even film sets covering all Science Fiction- and Hollywood themes

·         a film studio equipped with movie sceneries for all filmmakers and students

·         meeting rooms for seminars and workshops, but also for one of a kind private events like birthday parties or wedding ceremonies

·         and much more!

On April 16, 2017, more than one year ago. the non-profit Filmwelt Center Association was founded in order to make this dream come true.

After having obtained all necessary official building permits, the requested EU funds were granted in the summer of 2018. Now there is only one more step to go before construction can begin.

A large part of the construction costs (approximately 250,000 €) will be covered by these EU funds, private supporters have already agreed to finance the remaining part.


However, in order to actually receive these official funds, we must prove that there is a longterm interest in our Filmwelt Center Association by presenting an increasing number of memberships. The current number of supporting members is still too low, we need an increasing number of memberships soon.


Now it's your turn, my dear fans and friends! This is the best moment to become a member! Your membership will enable the final implementation of our project. Please help and support us to reach our common goal: to preserve the world's largest private Star Trek- and Sci-Fi collection for the next generations by giving it a home in a museum and to keep it alive. 

This is how you can help:

-        become a supporting member

-        sponsoring/donation

-         support us on facebook (like/share) >>click here<<

Filmwelt Center Membership Commander 30£/year
Filmwelt Center Membership Commander 30£/year
Filmwelt Center Membership Commander 50£/year
Filmwelt Center Membership Commander 50£/year

Fans from all over the world are excited and impressed by Martin Netter's galactic collection

Filmwelt Ausstellung

Most of the collectibles come directly out of the warehouses of PARAMOUNT Pictures, USA, and were purchased by auctions over the years. This precious collection includes artifacts well-known from ALL STAR TREK series and movies and covers 5 decades of Hollywood- und Science Fiction history.



This is like a dream come true for movie lovers - we show you the world's largest Science Fiction collection

We keep the most recognizable pieces of Star Trek history, starting in the early 1960s, from

  • Star Trek: The Original Series TOS 
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation TNG 
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DS9 
  • Star Trek: Voyager VOY 
  • Star Trek: Enterprise 

to all movies, even the latest motion pictures 2009 and 2013, rejuvenating franchise that is open to a large audience and new generations.

Martin's Motivation: It is not about the money - it is the matter that counts and my mission in life to preserve the future of Star Trek's past

When PARAMOUNT Pictures completed the STAR TREK movies and series, all kind of requisites, costumes and accessories were stored, disposed and in the worst case even scrapped. In 2005 the warehouses of the film studios were packed, so they decided to liquidate the inventory and to sell out everything. Paramount appointed Christie's Auction House in New York to run an event where props from 40 years of Star Trek history would be auctioned off to fans.
Martin Netter took advantage of this one and only moment and bought almost the complete Archive having the idea of furnishing a "complete starship" and keeping it preserved for the fandom.



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